Nathaniel Hanson

Nathaniel Hanson

Ph.D. Alumnus, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Northeastern University


Nathaniel Hanson is a PhD Graduate of the Computer Engineering program at Northeastern University under the supervision of Kristen Dorsey and Taşkın Padır. Nathaniel’s research interests lie at the intersection of remote sensing technologies and robotics. His dissertation focused on bringing hyperspectral imaging and near infrared spectroscopy into lighter, cheaper form factors for use in household robots. His current thrust involves using non-contact material estimation methods to infer object properties such as weight and friction. He welcomes all collaborations on practical applications of hyperspectral imaging in real-time processing and vision systems that extend beyond the visible wavelengths of light.

Fun fact: Nathaniel has played backup trumpet to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Band Chicago and Grammy Award Winner Arturo Sandoval


  • Hanson, N., Hochsztein, H., Vaidya, A., Dorsey, K., and Padir, T. (2022). In-hand object recognition with innervated fiber optic spectroscopy for soft grippers. In 2022 5th IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics, RoboSoft 2022 (IEEE)
  • Hanson, N., Kelestemur, T., Berman, J., Ritzenhoff, D., and Padir, T. (To appear). Hyperbot – a benchmarking testbed for acquisition of robot-centric hyperspectral scene and in-hand object data. In 2022 12th Workshop on Hyperspectral Imaging and Signal Processing: Evolution in Remote Sensing (WHISPERS) (IEEE)
  • Hanson, N., Kelestemur, T., Erdogmus, D., and Padir, T. (2021). Pregrasp object material classification by a novel gripper design with integrated spectroscopy. Under peer review
  • Hanson, N., Shaham, M., Erdogmus, D., and Padir, T. (2022). Vast: Visual and spectral terrain classification in unstructured multi-class environments. Under peer review
  • Hyperspectral sensing
  • Non-contact material estimation
  • Sensor design
  • Soft robotics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Terrain estimation
  • PhD - Computer Engineering, 2023

    Northeastern University

  • M.S. - Computer Science, 2020

    Boston University

  • B.S. - Computer Engineering, 2019

    University of Notre Dame