DARPA Robotics Challenge

Greetings from the DRC! WALRUS would like to congratulate the WPI-CMU on a fantastic performance, and wants to share some pictures from the event. Thanks to everyone who visited us at the DRC expo!

One Down, Two to go

WALRUS is enjoying our time at the Intel-Cornell Cup. We’ve completed our first round of judging and have two more in the morning. Here are some pictures of our demonstrations, including WALRUS meeting R2D2!

Our First Steps

The WALRUS Rover has moved under its own power! While we are still in assembly mode, the team took a break to take the rover for a walk, running the motors off of a benchtop power supply on an extension cable. This has come after a few sealing tests in the WPI pool...

Advancing to the Finals!

We’ve just received word from the judges from the Intel-Cornell Cup 2015 Competition that the WALRUS Rover team will be moving on to the final rounds! The finals will be held at the NASA Kennedy Space Center on May 1st and 2nd. On a somewhat related note, the...

Happy Holidays!

It was a successful end to a busy semester, and the team wanted to share this merry FEA from a friction clutch we were designing. From all of us on the WALRUS Rover team, we wanted to wish you a Happy Holidays, and we’ll see you in the new year!