Hello Everyone!

Project Presentation Day on April 23rd was a resounding success. Thank you to everyone who came to support our project! We’re currently in the running for the Provost Award in Robotics Engineering; stay tuned for updates and wish us luck!



We’ve also been hard at work repairing and upgrading WALRUS Rover for the Intel-Cornell Cup next weekend at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. We have new pod shaft interlocks made from high strength 2024 aluminum alloy with the new four fin design shown below. We’ve also swapped out our pod motor controllers for more advanced and reliable RoboteQ controllers.


Don’t forget to vote for the WALRUS Rover for the Intel-Cornell Cup Media award, just click here: http://www.systemseng.cornell.edu/se/intel/news/blogsurvey.cfm. We appreciate everyone’s support!

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