Team WALRUS is pleased to announce that all custom circuit boards are in and in the testing phase! We would like to give a big THANK YOU to EMT for their sponsorship! They got our PCBs fabricated and did all the assembly for us, saving us a significant amount of money and time. You can find EMT’s website here:

They even graciously let us come in for a tour to show us their capabilities. Shown below are pictures of the PCB stencils they used for our board assembly, and the pick and place machine used to place down the components on our boards.



Below are pictures of a few boards they made for us. First is our boom control board, next is the diagnostics board, and last is the SMBus isolation board. Out of the 7 boards they made, we have fully tested over 4 of them, and so far so good! EMT did an amazing job with the assembly, and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

Boom-2    Diagnostics

SMBus    Box-of-Boards

We are also please to announce that we got into the semi final round of the Intel Cornell Cup! In order to advance to the finals, we had to give a presentation on our project a few days ago. We should be hearing back within the next few weeks.


That’s it for now – should be a lot more to come soon!


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