WALRUS Rover Team

Last Thursday the WALRUS team kicked off the start to our second Quarter with our Preliminary Design Review (PDR). We had quite the turnout, with a total of 36 students and professors in attendance. We got some great feedback, and even a few new ideas for a design. If you’re interested in reading through our PDR Presentation, you can download it here!

Now that we’ve completed our first major milestone, its time to do some design work! Brendan and TJ are working on designing the flippers and chassis, and have selected the motors they plan to use for drive and flippers. Tim is beginning development of the embedded board on the boom, as well as a power failover system to keep our communications live in the event of a current spike in the system. Mitchell and Brian are developing developing ROS drivers for some of our on-board systems, as well as getting our prototype robot up and running with ROS Indigo.


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