As all of WPI rests up from the challenging end to A term, the WALRUS team is hard at work getting ready for our Preliminary Design Review. The PDR is scheduled to take place on Thursday October 30th at 1300 in Salisbury Labs 402. We invite anyone interested in our project to attend!

As part of our PDR presentation, we will be showing off a new scale model of the WALRUS Rover (2:3 scale). The CAD render can be seen below. All the 3D printing machines on campus are humming happily turning out parts for the prototype. This model will also double as the concept model that the programming team can begin testing with.


We should also mention the results of our visit to the RoboBusiness Conference in Boston last week. We met with dozens of companies and acquired many words of wisdom and stories from engineers that have tackled bits and pieces of our problem in the past. We also met with several potential sponsors, hopefully you will see them listed here soon! We would like to thank everyone who took the time to meet with us during the conference, it was a wonderful experience.


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