A lot of progress has been made in the last few weeks. We have grown as a team by leaps and bounds, and now have a home and initial funding! We have also finished the project proposal for submission to our advisors.

The ME Department has generously given our team an entire room to ourselves in Higgins labs. HL019 is now officially the WALRUS Lab! We cleaned the space and now have a whiteboard and projector combination, a stock rack, shelves for components, a fully stocked toolbox, and a fridge! We expect we’ll be spending a lot of time there, so we are making sure it will be a comfortable stay.

On the prototyping side, we have contacted the Student Activities and Recreation Center and now have permission to use the rowing tanks for our drag tests. We’ve designed the rig and are at the assembly phase. We are also acquiring equipment to begin communications testing as well as microcontroller components for testing a modular control scheme.

The entire WALRUS team would like to welcome two new sponsors to the project: SolidWorks and Ubiquiti Networks. If you like the project so far and are interested in learning more or helping out, feel free to contact us. We love talking about this stuff!


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