TouchTomorrow Festival at WPI

Team AERO participated in the TouchTomorrow Festival at WPI on Saturday, June 8th. It was a very exciting time, and we hope we inspired many kids to one day become interested in space, science, math, and robotics. If you missed the festival this year, there is a strong likelihood WPI will do TouchTomorrow next year again. Look for the advertisements.

Thank You to All of You

Unfortunately, it is the end of the season for Team AERO. Thank you all for following our blog and supporting us along the way. I want to make a quick shout out to our sponsors who without their support we would never have been able to compete.

We will take the summer to decide how to approach next year, and keep checking back here for update. We will compete again in SRR 2014!

Day 2 – Level 1 Again

On Thursday, June 6th, the challenge organizers opted to rerun Level 1 of the challenge since no one passed on the first day. This time AERO got off the starting platform and drove about 15 meters towards the pre-cached sample. Unfortunately, that is as far as we got. We later found out that the global planner that provides the robot with goals to drive towards crashed for some reason and caused the robot to stop. After a period of 15 minutes of inactivity, the judges officially ended our season.

Day 1 – Level 1

Today was Level 1 of SRR. The robot made it to the starting platform, the computer powered on, and did nothing unfortunately. No other teams managed to complete Level 1, so it will be officially rerun tomorrow.

We have implemented some fixes (especially to our startup script so it works properly now) and hope to get off the platform tomorrow and find the pre-cached sample. Wish us luck.

Setting Up and Impound

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Write a caption04-Jun-2013 19:11, SAMSUNG SCH-I535, 2.6, 3.7mm, 0.067 sec, ISO 400
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Write a caption05-Jun-2013 09:13, SAMSUNG SCH-I535, 2.6, 3.7mm, 0.05 sec, ISO 125
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Write a caption04-Jun-2013 19:11, SAMSUNG SCH-I535, 2.6, 3.7mm, 0.067 sec, ISO 250
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Write a caption04-Jun-2013 17:15, SAMSUNG SCH-I535, 2.6, 3.7mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 80

The robot is impounded! We compete in Level 1 around 11:40 am today.