Modified ATX Power Supply

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Write a caption10-Apr-2013 23:59, SAMSUNG SCH-I535, 2.6, 3.7mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 125

In addition to modifying the power supply case, we needed to add PCI-E connectors for the NVIDIA Tesla and an additional 8-pin EPS connector for the motherboard. We trimmed unneeded wires, and organized the wires using the snake-skin cable sleeving. It is very easy to make very professional looking cable harnesses with cable sleeving and a little bit of adhesive lined heat shrink tubing. The regular heat shrink tubing unfortunately does not do a good job of keeping the sleeving from sliding around. The grey tape is silicone self fusing electrical tape (3M Scotch 70) which is very good at bundling the harnesses and provides a little bit of protection at the bend of the harnesses. The tape is pretty cool because it doesn’t stick to anything except itself.

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