Making Samples

Today, we made our wood block, orange PVC pipe, and pre-cached samples. We will be able to test our vision algorithms with these samples. The red hockey puck and pink tennis ball are unaltered, but because of their distinctive shapes and colors, we should be able to accurately locate and identify them.


Tesla K20

A few days ago, we got a surprise in the lab. Our Nvidia Tesla K20 showed up about 10 days earlier than we expected. We mounted it in the computer and installed the Nvidia CUDA toolkit. Running the bandwidth test application in the toolkit showed we are averaging around 6 GB/s transfers between the processors and the Tesla.

Tesla Mounted in Computer

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Water Cooling Done

After a quick pressure test with a bicycle pump and changing a fitting that wouldn’t seal well, we filled the water cooling system. The system took around 700 ml of coolant, more than expected, but much of that is probably in the radiator. After fighting with the BIOS on the server motherboard, we got Ubuntu 12.04 installed. The processors idle at around 37° C, and running mprime on 30 threads leads to ~50° C, so the water cooling appears to be working well. These values should get better on the actual robot since airflow through the radiator will be better.

Filling the Water Cooling

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