Stereo Camera Test Setup


This is our tripod mounted test setup for our stereo cameras. We selected to use two sets of Allied Vision Manta G-095C cameras in a stereo arrangement. One set of stereo cameras will be fixed facing forward with relatively wide field of view to help identify samples and obstacles in front of AERO. A second set of stereo cameras will be mounted on a high mast above the robot with a narrow field of view to scan a wide range for samples.

We selected the Manta G-095C for several reasons. We wanted Gig-E capable cameras to make interfacing with the main computer simple and effective. The cameras support hardware based triggering so we can synchronize both cameras shutters in the stereo arrangement. This helps reduce matching errors when we extract a depth field due to movement of the robot between frames. Finally, the Sony EXview HAD II ICX692 sensor has a very wide dynamic range with good sensitivity. Perfect for outdoor applications!

Look forward to a post in a few days about the synchronization board we are building to synchronize the cameras using their I/O connectors.

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