More and more universities around the world are offering classes and degree programs in robotics or autonomous systems.  However, there is currently no formally-defined notion of what the core of graduate education in robotics should be. This workshop will address this head-on, bringing together researchers and educators who have been offering robotics classes and degrees for a while, those who are just starting to offer them, and those who are planning to offer them in the future.  It will present a broad survey of the current state of robotics graduate education at a number of institutions around the world and will provide ample opportunity for interaction and brainstorming on what a modern graduate curriculum in robotics should look like. Expected outcomes of the workshop include the development of a body of knowledge for a graduate program in robotics and an understanding of depth and breadth tradeoffs. The workshop will comprise invited talks from established programs, contributed talks from newer programs, and short presentations from current and recent graduate students on their experiences.  The ultimate goal of the workshop is to generate a document that will serve as a foundation roadmap for graduate education in robotics in the future.