We are pleased to host Professor Masayuki Inaba and his colleagues at Northeastern’s Robotics Collaborative. Professor Inaba leads JSK Robotics Lab at the University of Tokyo which is the home of numerous humanoid robots including Kengoro and JAXON. Here are the details of Professor Inaba’s seminar talk.

Recent Robotics Activities and Background at JSK Lab, University of Tokyo
Professor Masayuki Inaba

Time: 13 December 2016, 2pm
Place: Richards Hall 300

The talk will introduce recent ongoing activities of the research and development at the JSK Robotics Lab, University of Tokyo which include our DRC humanoid, JAXON, and musculoskeletal humanoid, Kengoro. At JSK Lab (http://www.jsk.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/research.html). We are working on several research topics on system architecture and integration for task execution, continuous perception with attention control, variable robots for system abstraction, hardware platform like HRP2 and PR2 for general purpose system, software platform with lisp-based programming environment, asynchronous multi-component envrironment of RTM-ROS environment with continuous integration tools, specialization for industry collaboration and hardware challenges for robot vision, whole-body tactile and flesh sensors, flexible and redundancy with complexity of muscloskeletal, high-power drives with heat transfer and control, flying and hovering in space, and so on.

Masayuki Inaba is a professor of Department of Creative Informatics and Department of Mechano-Informatics of the graduate school of information science and technology of The University of Tokyo. He received B.S of Mechanical Engineering in 1981, Dr. of Engineering from The University of Tokyo in 1986. He was appointed as a lecturer in 1986, an associate professor in 1989, and a professor in 2000 at The University of Tokyo. His research interests include key technologies of robotic systems and their research infrastructure to keep continuous development for advance robotics.

Professors Dennis Hong (UCLA), Masayuki Inaba (University of Tokyo) and Taskin Padir. Photo taken on 24 April 2014 at the JSK Robotics Lab, University of Tokyo.